Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oracle Apps: Payables Table structure

Oracle Apps Payable Table Structure:

Supplier Tables
AP_SUPPLIERS This table replaces the old PO_VENDORS table.
It stores information about your supplier level attributes.
AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL It stores information about your supplier site level attributes.
IBY_EXTERNAL_PAYEES_ALL   stores Payee(supplier) information.
HZ_PARTIES  Party data for the suppliers.
HZ_PARTY_SITES  Party site data for the supplier sites.B4

Supplier Interface tables
ap_suppliers_int Supplier Interface. Execute Supplier Open Interface Import Program
ap_supplier_sites_int Supplier site interface. Execute "Supplier Sites Open Interface Import" Program

AP_INVOICES_ALL It contains records for invoices you enter
AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL It contains records for invoice lines entered manually, generated automatically or imported from the Open Interface.
AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL It holds the distribution information that is manually entered or system-generated

Invoice Interface
AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE Invoice Header Information. Run Payables Open Interface Import concurrent program
AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE Invoice Lines and Distributions Information

AP_CHECKS_ALL  Check Header Information
AP_INVOICE_PAYMENTS_ALL Details of Invoice paid by a Check/Payment
IBY_PAY_SERVICE_REQUESTS   Payment Process Request information  (11i Terminology is  Payment Batch)
IBY_PAY_INSTRUCTIONS_ALL  Payment Instruction information
IBY_DOC_PAYABLES_ALL  Invoice information stored by IBY for generating payment
IBY_PAYMENTS_ALL  Payment Information


Bank Accounts

Credit Card Transactions Table
AP_EXPENSE_FEED_LINES Use the Credit Card Transaction Interface Table to load transaction datafrom your credit card issuers into your Payables system. When younsubmit the Credit Card Transaction Validation and Exception Report, for records where the CREATE_DISTRIBUTION_FLAG is Y, Payables
uses the data in the AP_EXPENSE_FEED_LINES table to create distributions with proper accounts in the AP_EXPENSE_FEED_DISTS


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