Friday, February 17, 2012

Oracle ADI Installation

Oracle Applications Desktop Integrator (ADI) is an integral part of Oracle Applications. ADI is a spreadsheet-based extension of GL and Oracle Assets that offers full-cycle accounting and asset management within the comfort and familiarity of a spreadsheet.
ADI works with any of the following Oracle databases:
·         Oracle RDBMS version 7.1.6 or higher (7.1.5 for Open VMS)
ADI works with any of the following Oracle Applications:
·         Release 10.7 or higher

Installation Steps
Steps to uninstall existing ADI(required only if there is already an older version of ADI installed)
Go to Oracle home on user’s machine where ADI is installed. Click on Oracle Installer as per below screenshot

Step 2
Select Application Desktop Integrator Products and click on Remove as per below screenshot.

Step 3
Below popup will appear on the screen. Click Yes.

Step 4
Next you will see the below screen. Just verify that Application Desktop Integrator Products in not there in the list of Products installed. Click on Exit and Yes on confirmation popup.

Steps to install ADI

Step 1
Download the patch p3966101_72_MSWIN and p7286213_72_MSWIN from Metalink.
Place the installable files from CD or shared folder in C:/ADI folder as per below screenshot.

Step 2
Unzip patch p3966101_72_MSWIN (double clicking) to C:\ADI\1 as per below screenshot. Click Unzip after specifying the unzip to folder.

Step 3
After the patch has been unzipped click Ok on below screen.

Step 4
Double click on Setupadi to start installation.

Step 5
Click on “Oracle Applications Desktop Integrator for Excel 2000/XP/2003” in below screen
Step 6
Click Yes in next popup to continue installation.
Step 7
Select Oracle Home as DEFAULT_HOME, this might differ based on user machines but usually it should be located at “C:\orant”
Step 8
Select Application Desktop Integrator Products from available products list as per below screenshot and click Install
Step 9
Select English (British) and French in next popup screen and click OK

Step 10
After installation, ensure that 5 components are present under Application Desktop Integrator Products as per below screenshot. Click Exit.
Step 11
Please click OK on Reboot popup message

Step 12
Unzip patch p7286213_72_MSWIN (double clicking) to C:\ADI\2  Click Unzip after specifying the unzip to folder.

Step 13
Click OK and Close as per below screenshot.
Step 14
Open Oracle Installer as in Step2. Click on From and go to C:\ADI\2 and select NT.PRD and click Open as per below screenshot.
Step 15
Select Application Desktop Integrator Products  and click Install.

Step 17
Select English (British) in the next screen and click OK.

Step 18
After installation is complete, verify that the version of Application Desktop Integrator Products and all items under it is updated to the version of the patch.

Step 19
Click Exit and reboot the machine complete the installation.


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