Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oracle Apps Credit Card: Process in iExpense and Payables


Credit Card setups:
1. Credit Card Code Sets window: create credit card code sets.

2. Credit Card Programs window: define your credit card program, including the card issuer, card type, and credit card code set.

3. Credit Card GL Sets window: define GL account sets

4. Credit Card Profiles window: define credit card profiles that you assign to credit cards. Attributes of a credit card profile include credit card program, GL account set, default GL account, exception clearing account, employee verification options, and manager approval options.

5. Credit Cards window: assign a card to a card holder and assign a credit card profile to the card

Steps to process credit card transactions:
Procure to Pay process:
You can streamline your procure-to-pay process by implementing a procurement card program in which your employees purchase items directly from suppliers using a credit card. The credit card issuer then sends transaction files directly to you (the employer). You can import credit card transaction files from your card issuer directly into Payables. Then, you can automatically generate transaction accounting distributions and create invoices to pay the card issuer.

1. You can create a SQL*Loader program that uses a flat file containing the credit card transaction details you want to transfer into the AP_EXPENSE_FEED_LINES table

2. Credit Card Transaction Validation and Exception Report:
   Use this program to validate the credit card transactions you imported into AP_EXPENSE_FEED_LINES.  This program identifies   exceptions such as undefined credit card numbers, invalid transaction or posted currency codes, and invalid credit card codes.

3. Employee verification. This initiates the Credit Card Transaction Employee Workflow, and it executes as you have defined it. If verification is required, an employee can verify transactions directly from a workflow notification.

4. Manager approval or notification. This inititates the Credit Card Transaction Manager Workflow, and it executes as you have defined it. If approval is required from the manager, a manager can approve an employee's credit card transactions directly from a workflow notification.

5. Credit Card Invoice Interface Summary: This program creates invoices for your credit card issuers in the Payables Open Interface tables. This program selects all records for a given date range in AP_EXPENSE_FEED_DISTS with a status of at least Validated.

6. Use Payables Open Interface Import Program to create the invoices for data in Payables Open Interface tables.

iExpense Credit card transactions process:
1. Load Employee credit card expense data into ap_credit_card_trxns_all.

2. Run the "Credit Card Transactions Validation Program" to validated the credit card transactions data.

3. Once data is validated the lines become available in iExpense for employees to select and submit the Expense reports.

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