Friday, September 27, 2013

Oracle Inventory: Material status Control

Materail Status Control allows to track status of materail along with movement of materail. Oracle allows to track materail status at following levels
     1. Lot
     2. Subinventory
     3. Item
     4. Locator

Following are important Setups to enable the tracking of materail status
  1. Define Materail Status
          a. Usage level:
          b. Type of Transactions allowed
  2. At Organization Inv Parameters enable the "Default On Hand Material status".
  3. If Inv Organization has onhand then it can be enabled by running
       "Activate Onhand Level Material Status Tracking"

R12 Features:
1. Separation of Responsibility for Materail Movement and Status Update.
2. Mutliple status of same lots in different Locators
3. Multiple status of different Lots in Same Locator

1. Material movement doesnt change the Lot material status, one needs to update material status.

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