Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oracle Forms - internal error 60604

Working on Forms you have created a Program unit and your trying to compile it and it
results in below error

    Error 801 at line 0,column 0
    internal error [[60604]]

This error is caused when u make some changes in the form after either changing the table design at the back end (database block) or the connectivity to the server is disconnected for some time and u reconnect and compile.

1. Save the Form and Close the Form Builder session
2. Reopen the session, connect to Database and Open your Form
3. Navigate to Program>Compile>All and compile all objects.


Santosh Dhongade said...

This is strange error haven't come across check on Oracle Metalink

Anonymous said...

Great, worked

losboeros said...

This solved it! Thank you!