Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oracle Forms - internal error 60604

Working on Forms you have created a Program unit and your trying to compile it and it
results in below error

    Error 801 at line 0,column 0
    internal error [[60604]]

This error is caused when u make some changes in the form after either changing the table design at the back end (database block) or the connectivity to the server is disconnected for some time and u reconnect and compile.

1. Save the Form and Close the Form Builder session
2. Reopen the session, connect to Database and Open your Form
3. Navigate to Program>Compile>All and compile all objects.


Santosh Dhongade said...

This is strange error haven't come across check on Oracle Metalink

Anonymous said...

Great, worked

losboeros said...

This solved it! Thank you!

Unknown said...

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