Saturday, April 20, 2019

Linkedlist Java

Key facts about Linkedlist
·  LinkedList can have duplicate and null values.·  The LinkedList class implements Queue and Deque interfaces. Therefore, It can also be used as a QueueDeque or Stack.
·  Java LinkedList is not thread-safe. You must explicitly synchronize concurrent modifications to the LinkedList in a multi-threaded environment.·  Java LinkedList maintains the insertion order of the elements.

Linkedlist Example:import java.util.*;
public class LinkedListExample {
     public static void main(String args[]) {
       /* Linked List Declaration */
       LinkedList<String> testlist = new LinkedList<String>();
       /*add(String Element) is used for adding 
        * the elements to the linked list*/
       /*Display Linked List Content*/
       System.out.println("Linked List Content: " + testlist);
       /*Add First and Last Element*/
       testlist.addFirst("First Item");
       testlist.addLast("Last Item");
       System.out.println("LinkedList Content after addition: " + testlist);
       /*This is how to get and set Values*/
       Object firstvar = testlist.get(0);
       System.out.println("First element: " +firstvar);
       testlist.set(0, "Changed first item");
       Object firstvar2 = testlist.get(0);
       System.out.println("First element after update by set method: " +firstvar2);
       /*Remove first and last element*/
       System.out.println("LinkedList after deletion of first and last element: " + testlist);
       /* Add to a Position and remove from a position*/
       testlist.add(0, "Newly added item");
       System.out.println("Final Content: " + testlist); 
       /* Access specific element in the Linkedlist*/
       testlist.indexOf(“Newly added item”);

       /*Iterator for Linkedlist*/
       Iterator<String> testlistIterator = testlist.iterator();
        while (testlistIterator.hasNext()) {
            String speciesName =;

Applications of linked list in real world-
  1. Image viewer – Previous and next images are linked, hence can be accessed by next and previous button.
  2. Previous and next page in web browser – We can access previous and next url searched in web browser by pressing back and next button since, they are linked as linked list.
  3. Music Player – Songs in music player are linked to previous and next song. you can play songs either from starting or ending of the list.