Monday, October 31, 2016

Oracle Apps Fixed Assets Table

Below are some important tables frequently used in query's in Oracle Apps for Fixed Assets module.
FA_ADDITIONS_B           Descriptive information about assets 
FA_ADDITIONS_TL          Translated Descriptive information about assets
FA_ADJUSTMENTS           Adjustment information on assets user by 
                         General Ledger to create journal entry lines 
                         in the general ledger  
FA_ASSET_HISTORY         Historical information about asset  
                         reclassification and unit adjustments 
FA_ASSET_INVOICES        Accounts payable and purchasing information 
                         for each asset  
FA_BOOKS                  Financial information of each asset  
FA_BOOK_CONTROLS          Control information that affects all assets 
                          in a depreciation book  
FA_CALENDAR_PERIODS       Detailed calendar information  
FA_CATEGORIES_B           Default financial information for asset 
FA_CATEGORY_BOOKS         Default financial information for an asset 
                          category and depreciation book combination 
FA_DEPRN_DETAIL           Depreciation amounts charged to the 
                          depreciation expense account in each 
                          distribution line

FA_DEPRN_PERIODS          Information about each depreciation period

FA_DISTRIBUTION_ACCOUNTS  Table to store account ccids for all 
                          distributions for a book

FA_DISTRIBUTION_HISTORY   Employee, location, and Accounting Flexfield 
                          values assigned to each asset

FA_RETIREMENTS            Information about asset retirements and 

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