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Oracle Apps: Install Jdeveloper 10g on Linux

Oracle Jdeveloper 10g installation steps on Linux Platform

Software: Oracle Linux 5 installed on Oracle VM on windows 7

Installing Sun SDK 1.4.2_03 for Linux:
For JDeveloper to run successfully, you must install Java SDK release 1.4.2_03 (or later releases). Perform the following steps:
1. Download the self-extracting binary file of version 1.4.2_03 (or later release) of the Sun J2SE for Linux  to your Linux machine.

oracle website for downloading JAVA SDK:

2. Follow the instructions provided on the JavaSoft Web site to install the Java SDK. Note the install location when it is complete.Execute below command using root user in the directory where you downloaded the file

preferably install it in  /usr/java, I got it installed it in /media/sf_ebusiness/j2sdk1.4.2_19

Installing JDeveloper
To install JDeveloper, perform the following steps:
1. Download Oracle10g JDeveloper from

2. Open a terminal window and execute the following:
               cd /home/oracle
               mkdir -p jdevoaf
               cd jdevoaf
               unzip <path to zip file>/
The JDeveloper software installation is complete. The software now must be configured.

Configuring JDeveloper and SDK
1. Using the text editor gedit or your editor of choice, open the file /home/oracle/jdevoaf/jdev/bin/jdev.conf .

2. Find the SetJavaHome parameter. Change
      # SetJavaHome c:\jdk1.4.2_03
                          to the location where the Java SDK was installed.
        SetJavaHome /media/sf_ebusiness/j2sdk1.4.2_19

3. Save the jdev.conf file and exit gedit .

Modifying Your .bash_profile
Now that you have installed JDeveloper, you need to update the /home/oracle/.bash_profile and change your path accordingly. Perform the following steps:

1. Applications>System tools>File Browser
    Because the .bash_profile is hidden you need to enable show hidden files in the browser
    For this tick View>Show hidden files
    Now the file will be visible double click to edit it.

2. Make sure the PATH includes the location for JDeveloper and the Java SDK. Modify the file as below

           export PATH
           export JDEV_HOME

3. Save the .bash_profile file

4. You now need to source the file. Open a terminal window and execute the following commands:
          . ./.bash_profile

Configuring OC4J
To deploy applications in JDeveloper, you must configure OC4J. Perform the following steps:
1. From a terminal window, execute:                        
        cd /home/oracle/jdevoaf/j2ee/home
        java -jar oc4j.jar -install
    At the prompt, enter the password oracle .

Modifying Permissions of Files in Linux
You must carry out a few tasks before running JDeveloper. Perform the following steps:1.  To set the proper permissions, execute the following commands from your terminal window:
chmod -R g+r /home/oracle/jdevoaf/
chmod +x /home/oracle/jdevoaf/jdev/bin/jdev
chmod +x /home/oracle/jdevoaf/jdev/bin/ojc
chmod +x /home/oracle/jdevoaf/jdev/bin/start_oc4j
chmod +x /home/oracle/jdevoaf/jdev/bin/stop_oc4j
chmod -R g+w /home/oracle/jdevoaf/j2ee/home/application-deployments
chmod -R g+w /home/oracle/jdevoaf/j2ee/home/applications
chmod -R g+w /home/oracle/jdevoaf/j2ee/home/config

Adding an Icon to Your Panel
To create an icon on your panel in JDeveloper, perform the following steps:1. Right-click on the desktop (not in the toolbar, an icon, or a window). Select New Launcher from the drop-down menu.

2.  In the Create Launcher Applet window, enter the following and then click No Icon.

           Name: JDeveloper 10g
           Comment: JDeveloper 10g
           Command: /home/oracle/jdevoaf/jdev/bin/jdev

3.  Enter /home/oracle/jdevoaf/jdev/bin/ in the directory field and select coffee.png .
     Then click OK.

4.  Click OK again to create the icon on the panel.

Running JDeveloper
To run JDeveloper, perform the following steps:
1. Click the icon that you just created in the panel.

2. The first time you run JDeveloper, you may get a message stating that your jdevhome directory does not exist and asking if you want to create it. Click Yes.

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